JNTUH Rule Of Exemption, How to leave 2 Subjects

Here we have provided brief Information regarding JNTUH Rule Of Exemption. Many Students are asking us where the Rule of Exemption is applicable for R13/R15/R16 Batch Students or not. They are asking whether R13/R15/R16 Students can Leave 2 Subject or not. Here we have provided all detailed information along with the complete details regarding Information Regarding JNTUH Rule Of Exemption For R13/R15/R16 Batch Students.

Information Regarding JNTUH Rule Of Exemption For R13 Batch Students

Below we have provided detailed information for students seeking Info Regarding JNTUH Rule Of Exemption For R13/R15/R16 Batch Students and also we have mentioned the procedures to apply for JNTUH Rue of Exemption for R13/R15/R16 regulation students.

JNTUH B.Tech R13/R15/R16 Regulation Students are Eligible to Apply for Exemption of 8 Credits


  • A student can remove any two subjects which he/she could not pass and it should be a theory subject.
  • A student can not leave any Lab/ Practical subject.
  • A student can not leave two subjects in which any one consists of 6 Credits i.e; Only one subject of 6 credit is allowed. Because a maximum of 8 credits are allowed as exemption.
  • All theory subjects are included in rule of exemption, including first year.

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For further details refer to the below-given table.

Regulation​No.of Subjects Under Exemption Rule​No.of Credits Under Exemption Rule (Maximum)​
R051 or 2 Subjects Maximum​8​
R07 1 or 2 Subjects Maximum​ 8​
R09 1 or 2 Subjects Maximum​ 8​
R13 1 or 2 Subjects Maximum​ 8​
R15 1 or 2 Subjects Maximum​ 8​
R16 (2016 Admitted Batch only)​ 1 or 2 Subjects Maximum​ 6

Note: Leaving of 2 subjects and grace marks rules will be applicable for R16 (2017 Admitted Batch) only after JNTUH issues the official notification. which will be issued after declaring 4-2 semester results.

Procedure of Applying Exemption : Skip 2 Subject or A Max of 8 Credits

  • If any student wants the exemption of two or single subject which he/she could not pass,he would have to fill an undertaking form by himself and submit it to the examination branch of the respective College.
  • Always keep in mind that undertaking is mandatory for the application of exemption.
  • Students have to write an application and attach the photocopy of SSC marks memo and the photocopy of all the semester’s marks memo whether regular or supply.
  • After the attachment of all the mentioned documents the request of the student for the exemption of two subjects is forwarded to the Director of Evaluation, JNTUH.

So above we have provided detailed Information Regarding JNTUH Rule Of Exemption For R13/R15/R16 Batch Students. Students seeking JNTUH R13/R15/R16 Skipping Rule can get the complete information on this page. Also we have attached a copy of academic regulation through which students can get other information about the subjects which can’t be skipped and are compulsory. If you still have any query, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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