How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH & Complete Details Step by Step

How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH & Complete Details Step by Step. Here we have provided the complete details about Grace Marks and also we have discussed the procedure to apply for Grace Marks. To let you know, if you are applying it in Tatkal process you will have to pay an amount of Rs 2000/- and if you are applying generally, then you need not to pay anything for the addition of grace marks. So below we discuss all the requirements, eligibility and the procedure of the application in detail:

How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH

How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH & Complete Details Step by Step

Below we have discussed briefly about the Rules of Grace Marks, Eligibility and also Step by Step procedure to apply for it. So students seeking details about Grace Marks under JNTUH can check complete information below. You may comment below if you still have any doubt regarding the process or regarding Grace Marks System. So scroll down and get the complete info on How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH.

Rules for the application of addition of Grace Marks:-

  • A student can add grace marks for the Maximum of TWO Subjects.
  • The addition of the Grace Marks is Valid Only for the External Examination.
  • A student can add 8 marks in total as Grace Marks. Whether all 8 marks in just one subject or any combination which suits for the maximum of 2 subjects.
  • A Student can apply for the grace marks only after receiving the Original marks memo.
  • As discussed earlier these marks are not applicable for the internal exams and only for the external exams.

For further details refer to the below-given table.

Regulation​Grace Marks (0.15%) For B.Tech RegularGrace Marks (0.15%) For B.Tech Lateral Entry​
R16 (2016 Admitted Batch only)​107

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Procedure To Apply for Change of Class:-

Student can submit their application through the examination branch or through Principal of their respective college. Students can also submit their request directly to the Controller of the examinations, JNTU HYDERABAD.

  • Change of Class from 49.85 % to 50 % (Pass Class To Second Class)
  • Change of Class from 59.85 % to 60 % (Second Class To First Class)
  • Change of Class from 69.85 % to 70 % (First Class To First Class With Distinction)


Question : What is meant by Grace Mark and How many marks can be added under the rule of grace marks?

Answer : Grace marks are the marks added to the student when he/she fails in a subject and it is made sure that after the addition of grace marks (maximum 8 marks and maximum 2 subjects) he/she is eligible to get the Award of the Degree.

Question : What is the Rule of Class Change ? How to apply for the Change of Class ?

Answer : Suppose if a Student gets 49.85% , 59.85% and  69.85%, then he/she can simply apply for the addition of 0.15% marks so that he can manage to get 50%, 60%, 70% respectively and succeed in the higher Class.

Question :  What is rule of the calculation of Overall percentage for the Student who cleared all the Subjects and for those Who applied for the exemption of 1 or 2 Subjects?

Answer : Following are the general 3 cases for the Calculation of Percentage:

  • If a Student Clears all his Subjects during his Academics and secures 200 credits during his academics, at this case the total percentage will be calculated after the exclusion of two subjects in which he got the less marks, hence the percentage will be calculated in the best of 192 subjects.
  • In Case a student leaves two subject i.e; exemption of two subject, the percentage will be calculated in 192 credits and by excluding those two subjects.
  • If a Student leaves 1 Subject, then the percentage will be calculated for 194 marks after the exclusion of that particular subject.

Question : If a Student Clears all his/her subject and secured 200 credit, still can he apply for the exclusion of two subject?

Answer : No, in case, a Student clears all his subjects and gets 200 credits, then he can not apply for the exclusion of two subject by himself, JNTUH will itself remove two subjects. So these are details regarding this process along with the general questions and if You still have any query regarding this, feel free to leave it in the comments section. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter for more Updates from the JNTU and be updated all the time. So that’s it, we have tried to answer all the important queries in this regard as well. if you still have any doubt regarding this, leave a comment below and we will get back to you as early as possible. So above we have discussed in details How to Apply for Grace Marks in JNTUH and we have also listed the procedure to apply for it.

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