10 Professional Courses After 12th To Get A Good Job


In India, the education is believed to reach a threshold after successful completion of the Class 12th board examination, after which the students are free to either carry on with higher education or take up any vocational course for starting with professional work. Many students belonging to the lower or mid economic level prefer to take up a job, for financially supporting their families. But they need to know about the varieties of professional courses that they can avail to start their careers.

A large chunk of students mostly opt for medical, engineering or business management courses; but it is not possible for everyone to join these highly expensive courses, due to the lack of sufficient marks in the 12th examination and also for the insufficient financial strength of their families, to fund such lengthy courses.

Interior Designing – A diploma or certification course in interior decoration helps a creative-minded student to bag a job in any reputed interior designing firm or to open own interior decorating business. You can also opt for Bachelor of Interior design, a three-year graduation program which is in the list of courses after 12th Science created by education portal Apnahangout.

Animation – This course is fast gaining potential in the animation and film industry, promising highly paid jobs or the scope of working as freelance animators.

Nursing – The bioscience students often opt for this profession, if they cannot manage to get admission in medical college and still interested in being in medical line.

Mass communication – The students who complete this course can seek a job in any advertising agency or media company, as anchors or public relations officer, as well as a journalist in electronic media channels.

Air hostess – This job is very lucrative for girls, due to its very high salary and job perspective, as well as the scope of traveling a lot. So a certification course from any well-known institute will fetch guaranteed employment in any airline sector.

Pilot training – The smart students can go for pilot training from any recognized aviation institute, due to the adventurous nature and the high salary of this job.

Journalism – A professional course in journalism helps a student to take up a job as a professional writer or journalist, who may work as freelancers or join any agency offering good salary.

Hotel management – If any student has an interest in cooking and attending the guests, then this job option is perfect for him/her. It is better to undergo this course from any reputed hotel management institute that offers job placement to the successfully passed students.

Software programming – As various kinds of software are now necessary for all fields, the students having an interest in software programming can join a proper course and learn about various software programs, like JAVA   and NET; for joining in any IT software firm in future.

Photography – If someone has a flair for photography, he may undertake a professional course in advance photography and start his career as a professional photographer in media or advertising industry.

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